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Video production

Professional team of producers, videographers, film makers and cooperation with production studios, that is all the help you need to get videos produced for different categories - promotional clips, company introduction, recruitment videos, safety videos, manufacturing videos, food videos, Social Media marketing videos etc. Wide range of services for different needs and locations, including drone shots and photoshooting. Depending on budget, the projects can be executed with a skeleton team of 1-3 people or with a full house production team. Each production needs proper preparations. To feel confident about the result, you would need to have an understanding about what to expect. Therefor we work out your ideas on paper first to create the scenario together. Production itself needs proper quality equipment – cameras, drones, microphones, lighting, monitors etc. For some video projects you might need to have models and special locations, in that case also casting and location scouting would be needed. In Post-production we work on colour correction, add backround music, subtitles, graphics and animations to give the production a final touch.


If video is not for you, there`s a solution to explain your stories by producing an animated video. Animated explainer videos can help you to introduce your products and services especially when you are in online business or providing application services. cooperation with production studios, From Starhead you can get all the help you need. As we are working with various professional animators, we are able to provide an appropriate animation style that suits the best. Animated videos can be template based, as a reasonable choise for low budget projects. For more demanding projects we work out customized characters and specially developed environment.

Content marketing

We create and distribute value, relevant content to attract your audience to drive profitable customer action. Focused mainly on article writing and publishing it as a part of paid media in selected online channels, magazines and newspapers. The aim of this type of marketing is to provide valuable content that people seek and want to consume. How can you use it and why content marketing is important to your business? Does the customers with certain needs allready know about you business solution or offering? If not, then obviously they are lacking awareness about it and it must be established. Plus customers who allready know about your solution are open to research more about different aspects and benefits to make sure if it`s a good fit for them. Content marketing affects buying processes on many levels by raising awareness and educating consumers about a product they may have never considered. Potential clients will find your content, find value in it, and by the time they contact you already convinced that they want your solution. The trust that usually needs to be built up will be created before you know the potential client exists. Additional aspect about content marketing is that it also provides additional benefits. It contributes to SEO efforts by generating quality referral traffic to your web page and helping your page to rank higher in search results. We work with multiple article writers, who have journalist backround and we have experience to produce content in your language.

Graphic design

In case there`s a need to design advertising materials before launching media campaigns, we can help.

Together with our graphic designers and desktoppers we can prepare the content to be published, following your company`s corporate guidelines.

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