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Advertising services

Video production, animations, advertorials and design


We're committed to lowering your production costs, which can be significant depending on the market. This frees up your resources to invest in product development, new employees, or something else you could imagine. Through our production hub, you have access to experienced professionals who will be ready to help you to achieve your goals. With us, you can work even more flexibly, as we adjust and adapt according to your needs.

Video production

A professional team of producers, videographers, filmmakers and collaboration with production studios, that's all the help you need to have videos produced for various categories - promotional clips, corporate introductions, recruitment videos, safety videos, production videos, food videos, social media marketing videos, etc. A wide range of services for different needs and locations, including drone footage and photo shoots. Depending on budget, projects can be done with a small team of 1-3 people or a full production team. Every production needs a good preparation. In order for you to be confident in the outcome, you need to know what to expect. That's why we first work out your ideas on paper to develop the scenario together. The production itself requires high-quality equipment - cameras, drones, microphones, lighting, monitors, etc. For some video projects, you may need models and special locations, in which case casting and location scouting are also necessary. In post-production, we work on color correction, add background music, subtitles, graphics and animation to give the production the final touch.


If video isn't for you, there is a solution to explain your stories by producing an animated video. Animated explainer videos can help you introduce your products and services, especially if you're in online business or offer application services. Since we work with several professional animators, we're able to offer a suitable animation style that suits you best. Animated videos can be based on templates, which is a good choice for low-budget projects. For more sophisticated projects, we work out custom characters and a specially developed environment.


We create and distribute high-quality, relevant content that engages your audience and leads to profitable customer actions. We focus mainly on writing articles and publishing them as part of paid media in selected online channels, magazines and newspapers. The goal of this type of marketing is to provide valuable content that people want to search for and consume. How can you use it and why is content marketing important for your business? Do customers with specific needs already know about your company's solution or offering? If not, then they aren't aware of it and it needs to be asked for. Also, customers who already know your solution are willing to research more about different aspects and benefits to make sure it fits them. Content marketing influences the buying process on many levels by raising consumer awareness and educating them about a product they may never have considered. Potential customers find your content, value it, and by the time they contact you, are already convinced they want your solution. The trust that usually needs to be built is created before you know the potential customer exists. Another aspect of content marketing is that it also provides additional benefits. It contributes to SEO efforts by generating quality referral traffic to your website and helping your site rank higher in search results. We work with several article writers who have a journalism background, and we have experience creating content in your language.

Graphic design

If you need to design promotional materials before launching a media campaign, we can help.

Together with our graphic designers and desktoppers, we'll prepare the content to be published according to your company's guidelines.

Video production and animation

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