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Hold on to your seats when the KopterCam camera crew setup their gear and starts action. Yes they come from cool Finland and produce hot stuff. The internationally recognised, award winning aerial cinematography production company is based in Helsinki, specializing in aerial drone and helicopter filming, bringing dynamic camera movement to the film, television & broadcast industry.

20th Century Fox, Netflix, BBC and EA Games are only few that can be found in their roster of projects. Vast experience across the European, North American, Middle Eastern & South Asian film industries.

KopterCam has a diverse selection of in-house filming tools, some of them custom designed. They can mobilise fast and bring the highest level of technical cinematography to operate in most locations world wide. The amazing results are being achieved with the passionate and creative crew and overwhealming hardware. Powerful aircrafts – drones with heavy lift capabilities. Car mounted remote arm - specifically built for use on the most demanding film sets that can handle off-road, heavy rain, and extreme temperatures with ease and providing buttery-smooth image. Custom built high speed RC Car and rover for most extreme conditions. Cablecamera for high profile live broadcast events outdoors withstand the harshest weather conditions.

Need live broadcasting services for a public event, sporting event, concerts or festivals? Add extra value to the production with KopterCam aerial drones or cablecameras. As a leading filming company in Finland, they utilise world class piloting expertise to provide first-rate results.

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