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Master of cards

Ever wondered what kind of usages can a card have? One of the leading producer of a wide variety of cards, with FSC certificates and triple & security packs produces plastic cards, magnetic cards, smart chip cards, RFID, access cards, loyalty cards, gift cards, cardboard cards… uuh….together with supplier related services like IT systems for managing loyalty and gift card programs.

Argo Card, the largest Polish manufacturer of plastic cards is using the latest printing techniques and artwork. Many features are available to enhance the packaging product like lamination, embossing, hot-foil, special die cutting, UV, silkscreen varnishes, you name it.

Its possible to store the products at their facilities and distribute from there using their logistics department cost effectively all over the world to your retail outlets.

Nearly 20 years experience of manufacturing the products and providing services to companies like Gemalto, Amazon, Hornbach, TESCO, Shell, Circle K, BP, ZALANDO, IKEA and more...

Have a sneak peak at their kitchen side to see some of the amazing cards in production.

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