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Interactive Virtual Trade Fairs

Germans have done a great job by developing an online event software platform for holding large online conferences for several thousand visitors simultaneously. Live events for up to 50 000 participants with branded Interactive fair booths.

Reach your customers Online where ever they are located. Participants can visit your virtual trade fair quickly and easily.

Companies can use Meetyoo’s powerful event platform to carry out various trade fair formats online. The selection of applications for digital trade fairs and events ranges from Business Fairs, Job & Career Fairs, Trade shows to Online Conferences.

Welcome guests at the Entrance hall and lounge. Bring speakers on stage in a virtual auditorium - Live events can be streamed into the virtual trade fair with high performance streaming technology.

Set up branded fair booths and present your promotional materials online.

Flexible modules give each exhibition stand an individual touch, for example the stand modules allows to add video screen or a download area.

Interact with multiple participants and collect leads on your stand. At the virtual exhibition stands, a live chat enables the communicate between visitors and stand personnel via text or video chat. At the end of the day collect comprehensive reporting.

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