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Hop on LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn is a part of successful business marketing strategies today, it helps you to reach a community of professionals, an audience of influential decision-makers to drive actions that are relevant to your business. Build brand awareness, drive website traffic and generate leads that potentially would convert into customers on your homepage. Keep in mind to think how do you engage with the connected audience after the ad.

LinkedIn gets often underutilized when you have to choose between different Social Media platforms. But it can be extremely powerful when utilizing it the right way to improve brand awareness and grow your business.

You can choose from a variety of ad formats, using Sponsored Content carousel ads, single image ads or video ads, Sponsored Message Ads to LinkedIn members inbox. Lead generation forms that can help you discover more qualified leads.

Whether raising awareness or generating leads, targeting is always the key. You can choose from basic Demographics up to profession based targeting. It is possible to upload your company lists to match your targeting.

Few things to keep in mind regarding your budgets, start planning from 500 eur for your campaign`s lifetime media budget, larger audience requires bigger investments, LinkedIn is the most expensive social network by cost per click and unknown brands get lower CTR.

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