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Add the WOW effect to your event with a drone show!

The light drone performance is a completely unique technological innovation. It`s a large-scale, impressive spectacle with a modern wow effect. A coordinated 500-1000 quadcopter flight with beaming lights to form figures, drawings and texts up to 600 metres in the night sky. The drone show duration can be up to 10 minutes and it can be an entertainment show for music, sport, corporate events or private celebrations, as well as a great highlight as an advertising in the sky. It`s a great alternative to firework. You may not believe it, but with drones you can draw everything in the sky! Colossal animated figures, logos or writings in the sky - whatever you want. Such a magical performance provides the Baltic Drone Show Company team based in Latvia. They are mobile and quick in providing full range of services to organize the drone show anywhere in Europe. Recent fantastic event was organized for Samsung Company during a release of new smartphones. Want to surprise your guests or clients and give them something to remember for a long time? Have a look, the Baltic Drone Show team knows how to add the wow effect to your event and make it all happen!

Anna Lastovska, Sales Manager of Baltic Drone Show.

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