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Media planning

When your business or organization has a need to reach customers or just educate people in media, it`s a good time to start planning the next steps. We can help to develop a concept for your media campaign, do the planning and take care of execution. Our experience allows to plan media for different markets – local and regional, which makes easier for you to manage international campaigns. Usually planning needs knowledge, experience and market data. Media research data is available for purchase for your specific Target Audience when it comes to fine tuning. For the strategic planning we have developed our methods.  Customers like our holistic approach that is proven in time. We always consider exploiting Online channels - News portals, Niche Web portals, Online Magazines, Mobile platforms mixed with Traditional Media – Radio, Newspapers, Magazines, Outdoor, Cinemas, TV and Below The Line (BTL) channels – that is everything else out of box. Of course in a reasonable and justified selection mix and volumes that will be aligned with your budget.  Additional channels included in the services, Google Display Network, Google Search Network, YouTube and other platforms that allow to target your audience more precisely. Besides that, we always propose a selection of relevant Social Media channels to be used – Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Amazon, to incorporate into your campaigns.  Next, after planning we will coordinate media bookings and downpayments with all the channels when necessary. Ensure that all required advertising assets are delivered to channels on time, in correct formats and sizes. Execute your campaigns, monitor that all assets have been set up and running as planned and report it.  Finally, after each campaign we gather the results and prepare a nice campaign report.

Digital Media

Digital Media is very much connected to various advertising platforms like Google Search Ads, Google Display Network, Bing, Yahoo, YouTube, Instagram Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn, Amazon and other. To plan and execute your Communication on any of those channels, we will setup campaigns on our advertising accounts and make sure the campaigns will run as planned. For your convenience we can prepare texts, translations and design the advertisements for you. Depending on your strategy, we will setup parameters to target the right audience at the right locations. Making sure that your campaign will fit within your budget. Each Advertising Platform is different and constantly developing, having its own features and tricks to make it work and deliver results. Using Advertising platforms is a part of a Strategic Marketing, which means the activities are usually planned to be executed for a longer period. You can spend more resources to go very deep in planning and constantly analyzing your Google Search Ads (formerly known as AdWords) for example, or then make the campaign work fast and keep it simple. We keep it simple and provide only the simple way of preparing and analyzing your campaigns. The first step in a campaign setup is to define your Target Audience and Monthly budget. Together we will define desired keywords that are relevant to your business and adjust them according to performance. We can monitor the performance of the campaign and keywords on your homepage by setting up Google Tag monitoring and work on coding to monitor the actions for e-mail submissions or inquiries for example. Digital Media services apply also on paid campaigns in Social Media, Digital Outdoor Media, Digital Magazine platforms and other, where we can work out the best solutions for you.

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